Engraved Brick Fundraisers New Project: CultSurvivors Memorial Courtyard



Many Consultants can verify that the experience of working with Clients of similar background can be rewarding.  Our current Client, CultSurvivors, being our Sister Company and fellow former member of a high control group, makes this Houston, Texas project very special in so many ways.

CultSurvivors’ Fall 2020 debut project could be named, “Perfect Circle by CS 007”, or, any suitable design can be voted for as Best Design in Fall 2019 in an attempt to pick the first design of many scheduled CultSurvivors Memorial Courtyards to come worldwide.

Perfect Circle by CS007 is a 1,000 square feet #CultSurvivorsMemorialCourtyard for CultSurvivors.org and is envisioned to serve as a space where former members of High Control Groups may meditate, relax, meet up, film, learn, support each other and more.

CultSurvivors is a grassroots Activist seeking change in abusive and unnatural policies of high control groups through awareness and litigation.

The Memorial Courtyard, scheduled for Fall 2020 grand opening in Houston, Texas, will house hundreds of Personalized Engraved Brick Pavers, reserved by Donors, as its floor.

There is expected to be blank brick pavers installed along with the Personalized Brick Pavers which can be pulled up and replaced with a personalized one during future campaigns.

Several amenities will be welcomed sights including latrines, covered spaces, food court, security, wifi, a likely Bread n Breakfast and will be open to the public at no cost.

Ordering your own Personalized Engraved Brick Paver starts June 1st 2019 via CultSurvivors new dynamic ordering website is built by Bricks R Us, the premier engraver of North America.

***As of 5.14.19, 2:50 pm CST, an adjustment has been made so Engraved Brick Pavers previously starting at $200.00 USD each are now priced starting at $100.00 USD each.  This special pricing is being discussed may possibly be engraved in stone.  Feedback on pricing is currently being surveyed on Twitter.***

We are proud to stand by CultSurvivors before, during and after its present Engraved Brick Fundraiser and shout to all who would hear and haven’t learned, #ShunningKills





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Helping organizations raise funds through Engraved Brick Fundraisers. Design/Build Memorial Courtyards, Reflection Spaces, Walks of Fame including supply of engraved bricks for these projects.

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